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The Freemen of Newcastle on Facebook

The Freemen of the City of Newcastle upon Tyne now have their own group on the social networking site, Facebook (

Facebook is a free-to-join internet-based utility designed to help its members stay in touch with friends, relatives and colleagues the world over. The site currently has an estimated user base of around 400 million people and users can exchange messages, photographs, even video quickly, and easily.

Our Facebook page has been put together to help the Freemen move forward into the 21st Century and this is just another means of spreading the word about the work that we do in protecting the City's green spaces for future generations. This kind of facility is fast-becoming second nature to the next generation of Freemen and so we need to keep up to speed with progress of technology.

To access the group, you need to set up an account on Facebook, which only takes a few minutes. After that, just search on 'Freemen of Newcastle' and you'll arrive at the all-important page. If you're already a member of Facebook then just click here.

Several members of the Senior Stewards Committee and the Web Page Admin team have been using Facebook for many months and will be able to offer you any help and assistance that you might need.

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Town Moor in Winter

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